Sunday, 29 July 2012


Mein erstes Werk mit handgesponnener Wolle liegt nun schon eine Weile fast fertig rum, aber ich habe nach passenden Knöpfen gesucht und endlich welche gefunden.  Farbige Perlmuttknöpfe.
My first project using my own hand spun wool has been almost finished for ages, but I have been looking for suitable buttons and finally found some.  Coloured Mother of Pearl.
Die gesponnene Wolle hab' ich schon mal hier gezeigt.  Es waren drei Farben Corriedale, die ich kardiert habe.
The spun yarn I have shown here before.  It was three shades of Corriedale which I carded.


  1. What a beautiful cowl! It looks very cozy and the color is really really gorgeous!!!

  2. What a beautiful cowl! The yarn looks very pretty and I like the buttons too. You'll wear it with pleasure!:)

  3. Absolutely beautiful and those buttons are perfect!

  4. What a neat way to use your first handspun yarn! Nice choice on the unique buttons. I bet this will be one of your favorites to wear when the cold weather rolls around....

  5. Love your cowl, love the color, love the buttons.....what's not to love!!!
    xx Sandi

  6. Hi Martina!
    Lovely cowl and I LOVE the yarn! Beautiful buttons too. They look like mother of pearl buttons which reflect and pick up the colors of the yarn so beautifully.
    Take care
    Monica (Ansota) :)


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