Friday, 11 October 2013

Heritage Day

Every year all over the country there is a heritage day.  The town is closed to traffic and the High Street is transformed into a market.  The guild I belong to is always represented at Amersham Heritage Day.
Im ganzen Land gibt es jedes Jahr diesen Heritage Day.  Das entspricht so einem Denkmaltag; es ist einfach ein Tag an dem das Traditionelle hervor gekehrt wird. Meine Gilde ist da auch immer vertreten (Link oben anklicken) und wir zeigen Spinnen und Weben.
This year it seemed a much bigger event than in previous years.  All up and down the High Street were stalls selling craft items and food.  Classic cars and steam engines lined the street.  The Memorial Gardens had a stage for musical entertainment, Barber Shop singers were moving from place to place and the Morris Dancers made merry in various locations.
Dieses Jahr erschien die ganze Affäre viel größer als in anderen Jahren.  Die ganze Strasse war voll mit Ständen mit Handwerkskunst und Esswaren.  Oldtimer und Dampfloks standen am Strassenrand.  Im Stadtgarten gab es musikalische Unterhaltung, kleinere Singgruppen zogen umher und die Morristänzer sind immer mal wieder vorbei getanzt.
It was a very successful day even though it turned really cold and we had torrential downpours a couple of times. 
Es war ein sehr erfolgreicher Tag obwohl es kalt wurde und zwischendurch auch ein paar Mal in Strömen gegossen hat.
Until next year!   Bis nächstes Jahr!


  1. Wie schade, dass ihr kein besseres Wetter hattet, aber Spaß hattet ihr ja offenbar trotzdem.
    Viele Grüße

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I lost your address from my favourites when my laptop died and so it was great to be able to click through to yours again! I've been busy reading your last few posts - such a wonderful creative time you have been having. In relation to possum yarn, the meterage on the Supreme is very generous. You should be able to get a small lace shawl knit on a loose gauge out of that. The yarn is so soft you really must have it around your neck! My Evelyn cowl pattern is designed for two balls, in case you need some inspiration! The gauge is right for that yarn too. I have not used the Shepherd possum but with 150g (I think you said?) there are at least two hats or a hat and a pair of mittens in there. Or you could combine it with a wool yarn to make feature piece in a sweater you might knit. Hope that helps.

  3. That looks like a great time! Thanks for posting about it and for sharing the photos. Did you come away with some goodies? I bet there were some new spinners inspired there....


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