Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thementag: Fensterblick

 Das ist Sky, ein Husky, der uns neulich besuchte.  
Sie durfte nur durch's Fenster schauen, weil sie sonst gleich wie wild durch die Gegend prescht!

Sie hat wunderschöne blaue Augen und ist ganz lieb.
Liebe Grüße

This is Sky, a Husky who came visiting the other day.
She was only allowed to look through the window as she would tear around the place like crazy.
She has lovely blue eyes and a very nice temperament.


  1. ...toller Beitrag, liebe Bimbi,
    der Fensterblick gefällt mir gut.
    lG von Birgitt

  2. Oh she is beautiful! I love the last photo the most!
    THank you for your lovely comment! You are right, I think that adding a bit in my blog subtitle is a good idea, I will get onto that as soon as I work out how to get into that part of my blog again!
    Love Alice XXXXX

  3. What a gorgeous dog!! Not quite as cute as my Corgi, but close ;-)

  4. Hi Bimbi, it's Sandi, via Crochet with Raymond, just thought I would pop in and say hello.
    Nice dog too by the way.
    x Sandi


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