Monday, 12 September 2011


 Unser Apfelbaum hat dieses Jahr soooo viele Äpfel.  Ich weiss schon bald nicht mehr was ich noch damit machen könnte!
Our apple tree has gone berserk this year and there are loads of apples.  I am running out of ideas what else I could make with them!
 Selbst Mann muß mithelfen.
 Even hubby has to help.
Kuchen und Strudel... Cake and Strudel...
Kompott... Compot...
Gelee....  Jelly...
Und es sind immer noch Einige auf dem Baum.
There are still more on the tree.


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  1. Oh yumm, fresh apples off the tree. I haven't eaten apples for ages because they are tasteless things that sit in cool storage for over a year before you get them. Since being sick I have craved apples so I have been sourcing fresh 'in season' apples to eat. Aww, look at your lovely hubby helping you. Pop some in a box with a jar and let people buy them perhaps?
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it is hard working with someone who is like that, and it is just the two of us in the office so you can't get away from it, am going to look for something else if things don't improve.
    x Sandi


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