Monday, 30 April 2012

Jester Bag

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich mein erstes Filzprojekt ausprobiert.  Ich habe eine schöne Tasche gestrickt, in die Waschmaschine gesteckt und eine Katastrophe heraus gezogen.  Total unbrauchbar und es war nicht mal ein Zentimeter zu retten!  Da hab' ich mir geschworen "nie wieder!".
Some time ago I tried my first felting project.  I knitted a beautiful bag, put it in the washing machine and took out a disaster.  Totally ruined and not one centimetre was usable!  I said "never again!".
Dann sah ich bei einer Ausstellung eine Harlequintasche von Sheepfold und die Dame am Stand sagte es sei leicht zu machen und ich solle doch das Kit kaufen.  Nein, sagte ich, da hab' ich keinen Bock drauf, funktioniert nicht, totale Zeitverschwendung.  Langer Rede kurzer Sinn ich nahm das Ding mit und habe gestrickt, gefilzt und GESTAUNT!  Aus der Waschmaschine kam diese tolle Tasche.
Then I saw a jester bag at an exhibition from Sheepfold and the lady on the stand said it was easy to make and I should buy the kit.  No, I said, not doing that again, won't work, total waste of time.  I bought it, knitted, felted and looked on in ASTONISHMENT!  Out of the washing machine came this lovely bag.


  1. That's really neat! Congrats on your felting turning out the way you wanted it to. I've had a felting disaster too, a vest that I spent weeks, weeks!, knitting and then felted it to find it unwearable. Darn it.
    I like the colors of the bag and it's quite unique.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Love it, totally awesome!!

  3. You did amazing work! The bag came out really gorgeous and so special with felting, I love the colors too, it's so beautiful!

  4. Well done you, it is beautiful-perfect in fact and the bells finish it off so well. I have only felted once, some tiny hearts, I did them in a bucket of hot water and stood swirling the water around for ages......ooh my poor arms.
    xx Sandi


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